The Bright House

Director : Vahid Mousaian

Producer : Rouhollah Baradari,

Sohrab who has migrated abroad years ago, returns to the country and tries to be hopeful. He goes to meet his professor, Kiomars, but he has died. Kiomars’ daughter, Arghavan, has lost her mental control due to the father’s death as well as her lover who was cheating on her and has left her to go with Neda. She has decided to be alone. Now Sohrab is in a situation in which he should not only put his concerns aside but also to make Arghavan hopeful too. He overcomes his despair and goes to her. He goes to plant the seeds of hope in the heart of a young disappointed girl.

Iman Asgari, Afsaneh Deyhim, Kaveh Kavian, Biuk Mirzaei, Zari Poshtdar