About us

ToubaFilms Institute was founded in Tehran in 1995 by Rouhollah Baradari. Rouhollah has
produced big-production war lms and successful social lms in the 1980s and 1990s. His
daughter Samira has also assisted director and produced lms with acclaimed directors in the
2000s and 2010s. Therefore, together they have produced iconic independent lms in Iran’s
cinema. The two always used their vision and experience to support talented lmmakers and
in uence the society intellectually.

ToubaFilms rmly believes in its mission of creating a positive cultural e ect in the society and
its productions have been screened in numerous local and international lm festivals. Admired
by critics and professional viewers, these lms have also won many nominations and awards.

“Bitter Dream”, directed by Mohsen Amir Youse in 2013, winner of the “New Look” award and
nominee for the “Golden Camera” award at the Cannes Film Festival,
The “Golden Alexander” award and the best lm from the viewers’ point of view at the
Thessaloniki Film Festival in Greece,
” Fipresci” Award at the Geneva Film Festival,
“Risk of Acid Rain” 2014-2015, directed by Behtash Sanaei, winner of the Best Screenplay
Award and nominated for the rst lm in the 33rd Fajr Film Festival,
winner of the Talent Award (Best First Film) from the Critics Association Celebration,
Winner of the Netpak (Asian Cinema Promotion) Award from the Australian Film Festival,
“Dressage” 2018 directed by Pooya Badkoobeh, winner of the Special Jury Prize in the
“Generation” section and nominated for Best First Film at the Berlinale Film Festival,
winner of the Golden Award for Best Film at the 14th Geneva Oriental Film Festival,
winner of the Best Actress Award Introduction from the section “New Asian Talents” and
nominated for the Best First Film Award at the Shanghai Film Festival,

And “Zalava”,2021, directed by Arsalan Amiri, which will participate in the Venice and Toronto
2021 festivals,
are examples of successful projects produced at the ToubaFilms Institute.

Rouhollah Baradari

Born in 1955, holder of a second grade Art degree equivalent to Master degree in Art, he has also been active in the field of professional theater.
On the theatre stage, he began working with the theatrical group of “Andisheh” since 1354.
He experienced his first cinematic activity in 1360 as producer and actor in the movie “Parchamdar” directed by Mr. Shahriar Bahrani.
After years of experience in the professional and Holy Defense film industry as a production manager and producer, he added monumental productions such as “The Attack on H3 “ and “Sajjadeh Atash” to his professional workbook. He was also the Executive producer of the television series called “ Prophet Yusuf”.
From 1995, with the establishment of the Tuba Film Institute, he focused more on the production of movies in Iranian Cinema and produced movies such as “Bitter Dream” and “Silence of the Sea”

Movies such as “Bitter Dream”, “Silence of the sea” and “The risk of acid rain” with having numerous presences in various festivals and succeeding to receive various prizes and which are admired by audiences are among his best works.
He is currently active in the private sector as an Independent producer and Managing Director of ToAauba film.

Samira Baradari

Samira Baradari, Born in 1980, educated in the field of social science and holder of a filmmaking certificate from the young filmmakers association and documentary films from whistling woods International school in Mumbai. She started her career in the field of photography in 1998 and received her first filmmaking experience in 2002 as a production manager. During this period, she performed as First Assistant to the director as well as Scriptsupervisor in more than 20 movies. She has experience working with well-known directors such as Farzad Mo’tamen, Behrouz Afkhami, Syrus Alvand, Shahram Mokri, Majid Barzegar, Vahid Mousaeian , Reza Serkanian, and… She also directed some short films and documentary films such as “Crimson red” which was granted the best director and best film prize in Iranian short film Festivals, as well as documentaries such as “Born of a Wish” and “Slum within ”
The “Risk of Acid rain” was her first experience in producing which was presented in various international film festivals and granted prizes for the film as well as its screenplay.



Winner of : *Special mention* Award  Generation, Berlinale

Nominated of: *The best first film* Award , Berlinale

Winner of: *The best first film* Award, Fair international Film festival

Nominated of: *The best first film * Award, Shanghai Film Festival

Winner of: *The best actress * Award, Shanghai Film Festival

Winner of: *Golden Qazal* Award , Sydney Film Parsi

Risk Of Acid Rain

Winner of: *Best script * award, Fajr FilmFestival

Nominated of : *Best First Film* award, Fajr FilmFestival 

Winner of: *New Talent * award, Iranian Critics and writers of Cinema ceremony

Winner of *Best actor* award, Iranian Critics and Writers of Cinema ceremony

Winner of *Audience* award, Prague Film Festival 

Winner of *Special Jury* award, Colombo Film Festival

Winner of *Best film* award, NETPAC Australia