• ToubaFilm

    The Institution of Tuba Film was originally founded in 1995 and became active in the same year with accordance to the article of association in producing movies based on the official permit issued by Evaluation and oversight directorate for Professional cinema of the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance.

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  • ToubaFilm

    During this period, under the management of “Rohollah Baradari”, the institution succeeded in producing Valid and reputable feature films, domestically and internationally.

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  • ToubaFilm

    Movies such as “The House besides the Clouds”, “Attack on H3”, “the silence of the sea” presented to various festivals and welcomed by audiences alike. These features won prizes and were known as outstanding films of the Holy Defense Cinema and successful in the box office along with the other features of Tuba Film.

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  1. Winner of : *Special mention* Award  Generation, Berlinale
  2. Nominated of: *The best first film* Award , Berlinale
  3. Winner of: *The best first film* Award, Fair international Film festival
  4. Nominated of: *The best first film * Award, Shanghai Film Festival
  5. Winner of: *The best actress * Award, Shanghai Film Festival
  6. Winner of: *Golden Qazal* Award , Sydney Film Parsi


  1. Winner of: *Golden Camera* Award, Nashik India
  2. Winner of: *Special Jury award * Silk Road FilmFestival
  3. Winner of: *Best Cinematography * Tallinn black nights FilmFestival

The Risk Of Acid Rain

  1. Winner of: *Best script * award, Fajr FilmFestival
  2. Nominated of : *Best First Film* award, Fajr FilmFestival
  3. Winner of: *New Talent * award, Iranian Critics and writers of Cinema ceremony
  4. Winner of *Best actor* award, Iranian Critics and Writers of Cinema ceremony
  5. Winner of *Audience* award, Prague Film Festival
  6. Winner of *Special Jury* award, Colombo Film Festival
  7. Winner of *Best film* award, NETPAC Australia

Lost land

  1. Winner of *Best documentary film* award, Fajr FilmFestival
  2. Winner of*Best Director and research*Venice Film Festival

Bright Home

  1. Winner of *Best film* Audience award, Balinale Bali international Film Festival, Indonesia

Bitter dream

  1. Winner of *Camera d’or Special Mention* award, Cannes Film Festival
  2. Winner of *Golden Alexander* award, Thessaloniki Film Festival
  3. Winner of *Best film* Audience award, Thessaloniki Film Festival
  4. Winner of *Fipresci* award, Geneva Film Festival
  5. Winner of *Critic* award, Valdivia Film Festival, Chile
  6. Winner of *Special jury* award, Mar del Plata Film Festival, Argentina
  7. Nominated of *Gold Hugo* award, Chicago Film Festival
  8. Nominated of *Best film* award, Mar del Plata Film Festival, Argentina

Portrait of a Lady Far Away

  1. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival, Czech


  1. Winner of *Best film* award, Cinekid Festival, Netherlands
  2. Winner of *Silver Elephant* award, Hyderabad Film Festival, India

Silence of the Sea

  1. Winner of *Best film and Script* awards, Dubrovnik Film Festival, Croatia
  2. Winner of *Best director* award, Semana International Film Festival, Valladolid, Spain
  3. Winner of *Best film and Director* awards, San Diego International Film Festival
  4. Winner of *Best film* award, Berlin International Film Festival
  5. Winner of *Best Director* award, Sundance Film Festival, Utah
  6. Winner of *Best film* award, Santa Barbara International Film Festival
  7. Winner of * Best film* award, Med Film Festival, Rome, Italy

A house beside clouds

  1. Winner of *script* award, FajrFilm Festival
  2. Nominated of * Best film* FajrFilm Festival


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